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OverDrive ... Libby ... Digital Library of Illinois ... so many names for our most popular eBook service!

OverDrive is a company that provides eBooks to library through two apps, the easy-to-use Libby app, or the standard OverDrive app. We're a part of the Digital Library of Illinois consortium, or group of libraries, that helps us use our power in numbers to negotiate and get the best access to materials for our patrons.

But when it comes down to it, what you really need to know is yes, we do have eBooks and yes, our librarians are ready to help you find the perfect one. Here are some pointers and book suggestions whether you're new to the eBook scene or consider yourself a pro.

Such A Fun Age

Kiley Reid's 2019 debut smash Such a Fun Age stormed awards lists in 2020 and is available in both eBook and eAudio in the Libby app! This poignant story is told with both wit and empathy as it seamlessly weaves issues of race and privilege with the drama of growing up. — Emily Vinci, Fiction Manager


The Power of Habit

Are you looking for a little self-improvement? Many titles are available in eBook and eAudio on the Digital Library of Illinois/Libby, including The Power of Habit. Combining science and an accessible narrative, award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg helps you understand how habits work and how you can use this knowledge to kick your bad ones. He includes real-life examples from business and individuals to show how understanding and analyzing your habits can improve your life. — Gail Tobin, Hanover Park Branch Manager


Parasol Protectorate

Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series is great summer read and all five books are available in eBook on the Libby app. This steamy series has witty prose and strong heroines, not to mention vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters. It's a raucous, Steampunk ride through Victorian England that is sure to entertain. — Emily Vinci, Fiction Manager


When You Trap a Tiger

The Newbery Medal is awarded every year to the book that is considered the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children. The Digital Library of Illinois/Libby has most of these titles available in either eBook or eAudiobook format (or both)!

To get started, check out the latest title to win the 2021 Medal, When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller. Lily unravels a secret family history when she and her family move in with her sick grandmother. The secrets are straight out of her halmoni's Korean folktales, and may require Lily to make a deal with a tiger.

Or, journey back to 1961's winner, Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell. According to history, in the 1800s, a young Native girl lived on an island off the coast of California alone for 18 years. This novel tells her story.

Your choices are numerous! The beauty of the Newbery Medal, is that these books live on and continue to be relevant and wonderful stories for children for generations to come. — Gretchen Schulz, Tween Librarian


World Travel

Eager to plan an overnight (or longer) trip? The Digital Library of Illinois includes a robust collection of travel guides and literature in both eBook and eAudiobook formats. From Anthony Bourdain's World Travel to Rick Steves, Moon, Fodor's, and National Geographic series take a guide with you on your next vacation that don't have to worry about losing! — Magan Szwarek, Reference Services Director


One of Us is Lying

Still haven't had the chance to read One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus? This still very popular (for good reason) young adult mystery book of 2017 is available as both an eBook and eAudiobook on the Libby app! — Allison Riggs, Teen Librarian


The City of Ember

Are you on a waiting list at the library for District 54 summer titles? Many of the same titles, including the Judy Moody series, Ghost by Jason Reynolds, The City of Ember series by Jeanne DuPrau and El Deafo by Cece Bell are available as eBooks or eAudiobooks through the Digital Library of Illinois. While you wait, check to see if the titles are available today using the Libby app. — Vicki Heller, Collection Development Librarian