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The writers behind our 2018 Flash Fiction contest are now officially available in print!

Appropriately titled Fiction in a Flash: 2018, the book features the work of the latest round of winners. The competition tied in with our NEA Big Read, which encouraged community members to read The Namesake (and related titles for children and teens), a book about uncovering your own identity and finding your place within the world, your community or your family.

The winners:


  • 1st Place: Passage to Morning by R. Dana Barlow
  • 2nd Place: The Reverse Escape by Rosey Lee
  • 3rd Place: Opening Day by Gordon Petry


  • 1st Place: Orange Slices of Life by Penelope Duran
  • 2nd Place: Take Me Home by Tashnim Rashid Tawsif
  • 3rd Place: The White Door by Natalia Oryl

Children (ages 5 to 7)

  • 1st Place: Isha's Incredible Trip by Nandini Unni (age 7)

Children (ages 8 to 11)

  • 1st Place: A No-Sob Moving Story by Alandee Patil (age 11)
  • 2nd Place: The New Student by Umamah (age 8)

Like most of our books, there's a standard three-week checkout period. Enjoy!