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We’re proud to announce a new way for students in grades 7-12 to volunteer: Virtual Volunteens! It's totally online and all volunteer activities can be completed at home, letting you safely earn and track service hours.

Activities include making cards for kids in the hospital and more.

How it works

  • Register by creating an account in Beanstack and signing up for Virtual Volunteens
    • Tip: If you've done our Summer Challenge within the last few years, you already have an account!
  • Read about how to participate in virtual volunteer work in this packet. There are 4 different ways to volunteer to earn hours. If you're looking to earn the full 10 hours, we suggest mixing and matching the various activities, as some of these can be challenging. 
  • Complete the activity.
  • Back in Beanstack, you'll see a link to a Completion Form. Fill out that form, which will send your work to the email.
  • Within one week, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know if your work has been accepted or needs revisions. 
  • A Secret Code will be sent do you for each hour you successfully complete. Enter that code into Beanstack to unlock one hour of service.
  • Need a certificate to confirm your service hours? Email

If you need some inspiration or examples, take a look at what other volunteens have done. Earn as many badges as you'd like, and have fun as you volunteer and make a difference! Get started now.

Need to confirm your volunteer hours? Have questions? Contact us at

LGBTQ+ zine

Calling all LGBTQ+ teens and allies! Now through Sept. 30, stop by Teen Place to design a page for a collaborative LGBTQ+ zine created by teens! This is part of Teen Intern Siya’s summer project with the Inclusive Internship Initiative. The page you create will be one of several in a zine that will be photocopied and put out for patrons to take.


  • The collaborative zine will be on LGBTQ+ related issues
  • Adding your name or any information specific to you on your page is completely optional
  • Make it colorful! The key is to be visually appealing
  • Keep a ½ inch border empty around the edge of your zine
  • Remember to design the front and back of your page
  • Place your completed zine in the box on the table
  • Pages will be reviewed before they are added to the final zine

Want service hours?

  • Earn 1 hour per completed page (front and back)
  • Create up to 3 pages
  • Pages will be reviewed before giving service hour credit
  • Take a picture of both sides of your pages and email the pictures to @email before putting them in the box in Teen Place!