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If you liked Sin in the Second City: Madams, Ministers, Playboys and the Battle for America’s Soul by Karen Abbott

The Everleigh Club, operated in Chicago’s Levee district at the turn of the last century and the most famous brothel in American history, was the catalyst for a culture war that rocked the nation.

In their establishment, sisters Minna and Ada welcomed moguls and actors, senators and athletes, foreign dignitaries and literary icons into their stately double mansion in an attempt to elevate the industry. Rival madams hatched various schemes to ruin the Everleighs, including an attempt to frame them for the death of department store heir Marshall Field, Jr.

But the sisters’ most daunting foes were the Progressive Era reformers, who spread tales of “white slavery.” The furor shaped America’s sexual culture and had repercussions all the way to the White House, including the formation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck : Why We Can't Look Away (2012)

by Eric Wilson

People are fascinated by evil – dark fantasies and morbid curiosities. Scholar Eric G. Wilson sets out to discover the source of our attraction to the gruesome, drawing on the findings of biologists, sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, philosophers, theologians and artists.

Twelve Patients : Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital (2012)

by Eric Manheimer

In this memoir, Manheimer is not only the director of the oldest public hospital in the US, but also a patient – as the story unfolds, he is diagnosed with cancer, and is forced to wrestle with the end of his own life even as he struggles to save the lives of others.

Women from the Ankle Down : the Stories of Shoes and How They Define Us (2012)

by Rachelle Bergstein

Author Bergstein presents a delightful romp through the history of shoes, the women who wear them and the profound impact they have on our lives. Included are interviews with influential figures ranging from Doc Martens historian Martin Roach to Fashion Institute of Technology museum director Valerie Steele; from Judy Garland to Wonder Woman.

Summer of '68 : the Season That Changed Baseball-- and America-- Forever (2012)

by Tim Wendel

From the beginning, 1968 was a season rocked by national tragedy – from Martin Luther King’s assassination to the assassination of Robert Kennedy and the rioting at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. But in the ballparks, games were played to perfection even as the country was being pulled apart at the seams.

Garbology : Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash (2012)

by Edward Humes

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Humes investigates trash – what’s in it, how we manage to create so much of it and how people, communities and nations are finding a way to discover a new kind of prosperity from trash. It’s not just what we throw away, but who we are and where society is headed.

Taco USA How Mexican Food Conquered America (2012)

by Gustavo Arellano

Arellano presents a tasty trip through the history and culture of Mexican food in this country, uncovering great stories and charting the cuisine’s tremendous popularity north of the border. Seemingly, in each decade, America has tried new culinary trends from south of the border, loved them, and demanded the next big thing.