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You may have heard that Macmillan Publishers has put some new rules in place for libraries purchasing their eBooks. For eBooks published by Macmillan after Nov. 1, 2019, libraries will be able to purchase one copy upon the title’s release. Libraries may purchase additional eBook copies after the title has been out for eight weeks. 

So how does this impact you? With popular titles, we usually purchase several eBook copies to help keep wait times shorter for you. Now, there will be just one copy of new titles from Macmillan available for the first eight weeks, so there will likely be long wait times for these titles. 

Due to our participation in Digital Libraries of Illinois (OverDrive) and eReadIllinois (Axis 360), there may be instances where two copies of these new titles are available. We will also have many new Macmillan titles available in other formats such as print books and audiobooks.

If you’re unhappy with these changes, you can make your voice heard:

•    Sign the American Library Association’s petition
•    Use #eBooksForAll on social media
•    Write to Macmillan Publishers at @email