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Jan. 25, 2022 marks 75 years since notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone died, so we've brainstormed our list of top picks for books and movies on The Mob and other organized crime. There are some age-appropriate titles for kids, too!
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The Kitchen (2015)

by Ollie Masters

When their husbands are sent to prison, three mob wives take on the role of gangsters in the Irish mob in 1970s Hell's Kitchen. At first simply a means of survival, each women quickly learns that she has a knack for criminality - for better or worse. This beautifully illustrated graphic novel doesn't shy from violence while also never failing to capture the inner turmoil each woman faces as she finds herself in situations beyond her imagination. — Emily Vinci, Fiction Manager

The Peaky Blinders (2015)

by British Broadcasting Corporation

Thomas Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) and Aunt Polly (played by Helen McCrory) steal the show in this gritty and brutal drama that follows a family gang in 1919 Britain. — Allison Riggs, Teen Librarian

Al Capone Does My Shirts (2004)

by Gennifer Choldenko

Set in 1935, is the first in a historical fiction series about Al Capone and Alcatraz. Twelve-yr-old Moose and his family, living on Alcatraz Island now that his father has taken a job as an electrician, learn the ways and conditions of this unique environment while establishing meaningful relationships with many engaging characters. — Vicki Heller, Collection Development Librarian

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Chicago Gangster! : Some Dangerous Characters You'd Better Avoid (2010)

by Rupert Matthews

You wouldn't want to be a Chicago Gangster by Rupert Matthews is a kid-friendly, colorfully illustrated book about the lives of gangsters in 1920s Chicago. Part of the larger series "You wouldn't want to ..." each book features brief text, sidebars, illustrations and cartoons. — Vicki Heller, Collection Development Librarian

The Outfit : the Role of Chicago's Underworld in the Shaping of Modern America (2001)

by Gus Russo

Investigative journalist Russo combines hundreds of  his own interviews and newly revealed government files to present an in-depth history of the Chicago  mob from the  1920s through the  1960s. Russo shows how, during that period, "The Outfit ," as it called itself, helped elect several presidents, created Las Vegas, and bankrolled Hollywood. — Magan Szwarek, Reference Services Director

Gangland Chicago : Criminality and Lawlessness in the Windy City, 1837-1990 (2015)

by Richard Lindberg

Gangland Chicago vividly recounts the evolution of street gangs in Chicago before Capone and Dillinger, and the rise of organized crime that earned the Windy City a reputation for unchecked violence, lawlessness, and mayhem. — Magan Szwarek, Reference Services Director

The Untouchables (2017)

by Inc Paramount Pictures

Great story about events that took place right here in Chicago. Sean Connery steals the movie with his speech about "the Chicago way" of doing things. The cast and score are top notch! — Kris Milhousen, Information Desk Assistant

The Godfather Collection (2001)

by Paramount Pictures Corporation

An all-time classic, academy award winning gangster movie!  Brando just makes it!  Lots of family drama and adventure! — Janet Glatzhofer, Information Desk Assistant

Some Like It Hot (2001)

by Ashton Productions

Voted one of the top comedies ever made - with Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe. Two friends hide out disguised as women to avoid being killed by the mob. — Carol Kalvig, Information Desk Assistant

My Blue Heaven (1999)

by Warner Bros. Pictures

Recommending this for those who don't like the brutal mob movies. Favorite line: "because you could melt all of this stuff." — Stefanie Lubash, Graphics Assistant

Al Capone's Beer Wars : a Complete History of Organized Crime in Chicago During Prohibition (2017)

by John J Binder

A comprehensive history of Chicago gangs during the Prohibition. Goes into greater detail on how the mob operated. — Tom Holmberg, Reference Librarian

Deadly Valentines : the Story of Capone's Henchman "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn and Louise Rolfe, His Blonde Alibi (2012)

by Jeffrey Gusfield

A biography of Capone's St. Valentine's Day Massacre hitman and his flapper gun moll wife. Their lives read more like a novel, and would make a good movie. — Tom Holmberg, Reference Librarian