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Free books! No checkout required!

Just inside the Fiction department at the Central Library, you'll find a rotating shelving unit full of paperbacks free for the taking. It's our Paperback Exchange, where you can take one and - if you'd like! - leave one.

Librarian Jane Rozek restocks the collection once or twice a week with fiction books. While most titles tend to be romance novels, they're not limited to one genre.

Years ago, the Library used to label Paperback Exchange books. Every once in a while, we'll see one show up back on on the shelf with the old label still on it.

"They're old romance paperbacks from the '70s and '80s that people took and are giving us back," Rozek said. "That cracks me up!"

Whether you love the fact that they're free, that you can keep them forever, or you're traveling and need something light, you can grab a book from the Paperback Exchange.

Do you have some gently used paperbacks laying around? Please feel free to add them for someone else to enjoy!