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Work hard, play hard! As much as we love the Library, we also love to get away for a bit and head to the beach. But we'll never miss an opportunity to bring along a little light reading, which means we've got some perfect beach read (or poolside if that's your preference) recommendations. We've tossed in some movie picks, too, for when you need some downtime out of the sun.

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The Patron Saint of Second Chances (2022)

by Christine Simon

The mayor of a tiny Italian town tries to save his community from financial ruin by starting a rumor that a famous movie star is planning to make a movie there. Quirky characters and gentle humor make this a great choice for a light summer read. — Jean Dravet, Reference Librarian

Beach Blanket Bingo (2007)

by American International Pictures

Enjoy this 1965 film where Frankie (Frankie Avalon), Dee Dee (Annette Funicello) and the gang are hitting the beach for some good old-fashioned shenanigans. The plot unfolds as singing star Sugar Kane does a publicity stunt by letting another woman skydive for her and then switching places with her so that the surfers can save her. — Janet Glatzhofer, Information Desk Assistant

South Pacific (2017)

by Inc Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

An excellent musical from 1958 with Mitzi Gaynor and Rossano Brazzi a South Pacific island during World War II. Love blooms between this young nurse and secretive Frenchman who's being courted for a dangerous military mission. — Janet Glatzhofer, Information Desk Assistant

Clambake (2007)

by United Artists Corporation

The heir (Elvis Presley) to an oil fortune trades places with a water-ski instructor at a Florida hotel to see if girls will like him for himself, rather than his father's money. A fun-filled film from 1967!— Janet Glatzhofer, Information Desk Assistant

The Paper Palace (2021)

by Miranda Cowley Heller

This book focuses on a camp in Cape Cod and a family that continues to return there every summer for decades. The beach at Cape Cod is a central part of the story for this family and is described in amazing detail. The book's narrator tells her story in a way that is both riveting and heart wrenching! — Amanda Waller, Youth Reference Assistant

We Could All Become Geniuses : Seeking Fun in Learning and Thinking /cMitsuo Ogata (2014)

by Mitsuo Ogata

Very easy to read and apply the learning techniques. I enjoyed the true stories and funny examples. Short, easy to digest. — Cheryl Freeze, Circulation Assistant

Himawari House (2021)

by Harmony Becker

This is a lovely coming-of-age YA graphic novel about three foreign exchange students living together in Japan. It's a great pick for teens who will relate to the trials and tribulations of growing up and for adults looking to escape with nostalgia. — Allison Riggs, Teen Librarian

The Unhoneymooners (2019)

by Christina Lauren

Be prepared to laugh out loud while reading this enemies-to-lovers/fake-dating romance that takes place on a romantic vacation in Maui. I can't think of a better beach read than this book. — Allison Riggs, Teen Librarian

The Lies I Tell (2022)

by Julie Clark

I read this new domestic thriller at the pool. I could not put it down and loved all of the twists, turns and mysterious choices the characters made. — Allison Bies, Fiction Librarian

Wish You Were Here (2021)

by Jodi Picoult

This book takes place as the COVID-19 pandemic begins. A woman goes on vacation to the Galapagos Islands as her boyfriend treats hospital patients. It is timely, thought-provoking, and includes an unexpected twist. — Allison Bies, Fiction Librarian

Roman Holiday (2017)

by Paramount Pictures Corporation

Roman Holiday is the classic rom-com and a perfect watch at the beach owing to filming on location at several beautiful and memorable sites in Rome.  The audience is introduced to a princess longing for freedom as she finds herself on a tour through Rome with an ambitious reporter striving for an exclusive.  Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for her performance in this, her first starring role, while both she and Gregory Peck shine. — Sara Hanson, Information Desk Assistant

Jaws (2000)

by Universal Pictures

Steven Spielberg's 1975 summer blockbuster improved upon Peter Benchley's bestseller with its perfect score, perfect cast and perfect villain. The chief of police in an island community finds himself pressured by local politicians to keep the area beaches open for the lucrative Fourth of July weekend, even after it becomes evident that a large shark is preying on beachgoers. He sets out to catch the big, bad fish with the help of a marine biologist and a salty fisherman. They soon realize they'll need a bigger boat! — Kris Milhousen, Information Desk Assistant

Teen Beach Movie (2013)

by Rain Forest Productions

Two surfer teens get transported back in time and find themselves trapped in the plot of a 1960s teen beach musical. Can they find a way to solve the dilemma their appearance has caused and return to the present day? It's a Disney movie, so no surprises here, but it's filled with catchy dance numbers and retro fashion. Light, bright and a whole lot of fun. — Kris Milhousen, Information Desk Assistant