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Toys, books and learning devices are just a few of the Library offerings used by Schaumburg residents Chrissie and Marthinus Steyn and their two young children. A psychotherapist, Chrissie said they love coming to the Library to choose books, check out baby toys, and let the children play in Youth Services. Steyn Family seated on couch

“During the initial quarantine, we picked up a huge stack of books every week. Now we are back in school, so we request a few books weekly that line up with the theme of Everly’s classroom,” Chrissie said, adding they also “pop over for some resources” when Everly gets interested in something new. “She’s really into the 50 nifty states right now,” Chrissie said. “She’s memorized a song about the states so we are trying to teach her more about the states, like where they are, etc. The library has great resources for that.”

Marthinus, who manages the food and clothing programs for the Care Center at Willow Creek Community Church, said they like to check out a learning tablet for Everly before going on a long trip. “It’s great to have that option available,” he said. 

Chrissie agreed, saying she really appreciates the Library’s free resources. “I love knowing I don’t have to hold all the stuff in our home and can rotate toys, books and learning devices. It’s a huge gift.”