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Love it or hate it, it's Valentine's Day! Some of our librarians picked a few titles in our collection about love – romantic and not – and a few with some anti-Valentine's Day sentiments, too.

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I Almost Forgot About You (2016)

by Terry McMillan

This is a novel about the choices we make and the realities we face, told with humor and frankness. It is a story about a woman's reflections on past relationships and what she learned from them and how they helped – and continue to help – her grow. It is an important reminder that while not all relationships last, they affect us beyond their expiration date. Ultimately, it is also about non-romantic love: our friendships, relationships with family, and most importantly: the love we have for ourselves. — Emily Vinci, Fiction Manager

The Kiss Quotient (2018)

by Helen Hoang

Romantic love and intimacy don't come natural to everyone, though the desire for such things might. This is the case for Stella, whose Asperger's causes her to be more comfortable with numbers and algorithms and for whom the thought of French kissing is repulsive. Enter Michael, the escort she has hired to help acclimate her to previously uncharted territory. What follows is a story that sensitive and sexy and a whole lot of fun. — Emily Vinci, Fiction Manager

The Mystery Valentine (2018)

by A. I Newton

Part of The Alien Next Door series, this story follows Zeke as he tries to figure out the meaning and traditions of celebrating Valentine's Day at school. With the help of his friends Harris and Roxy, Zeke tries to uncover who left the anonymous candy-gram for him on Valentine's Day. The Alien Next Door series is an early chapter book series starring Zeke, from the planet Targas, who tries to fit in to everyday life on planet Earth. — Vicki Heller, Collection Development Librarian

The Wolf Who Wanted to Fall in Love (2017)

by Orianne Lallemand

The picture book The Wolf Who Wanted to Fall in Love by Orianne Lallemand follows Wolf on his quest to find love. Following the advice of his forest friends, Wolf's attempts to find his special someone fail miserably. It's not until he gives up the search that he finally meets a nice wolf lady who sets his heart aflutter. Could this be true love at first sight? — Vicki Heller, Collection Development Librarian

Forget Me Nat (2020)

by Maria Scrivan

This graphic novel for middle-schoolers is a funny, relatable look at Natalie’s emotions as she navigates her first big crush on Derek. She forgets her friends and obsesses over him. She tries to make herself more likeable by doing things he likes instead of what she likes. When she asks him to the Valentine’s Day dance he tells her he only likes her as a friend, crushing her. Ultimately, she realizes how important it is to be herself is and how important her friends are. — Gail Tobin, Hanover Park Branch Manager

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch (1991)

by Eileen Spinelli

This story about the importance of love, kindness and connection is one of my favorite picture books for Valentine’s day. Mr. Hatch is a lonely man who keeps to himself until one day the postman delivers a huge box of chocolates with an anonymous card that says “somebody loves you.” Mr. Hatch is so happy! He puts on a colorful tie and aftershave in case he might meet his secret admirer. He starts talking to people and helping his neighbors. When the postman tells Mr. Hatch the chocolates were delivered by mistake, he becomes very sad and withdrawn again. The happy, heartwarming ending will make you cheer for Mr. Hatch. — Gail Tobin, Hanover Park Branch Manager

Only Mostly Devastated (2020)

by S Gonzales

This LGBTQ retelling of the musical Grease features an adorable summer romance, a family going through a tough time, and the different dynamics of coming out. While this book made me laugh out loud quite a bit, it also made me cry. This is a great choice for Valentine's day as it has not only a cute romance story at its core, but it shows the complexity of family relationships and friendships as well. I think fans of Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli will enjoy this book. — Allison Riggs, Teen Librarian

Heartless (2016)

by Marissa Meyer

This is a prequel to Alice in Wonderland that shares the story of teenage Cath, and how she came to be the notoriously feared Queen of Hearts. As I'm sure you can tell from the title, this book is for anyone looking for an anti-Valentine's Day read. You won't find a happily ever after here.  — Allison Riggs, Teen Librarian

Before the Ever After (2020)

by Jacqueline Woodson

ZJ's dad is the town hero! A former football player, he is well loved and known. He plays ball with the kids in the neighborhood. When he starts to forget things, ZJ and his family come to see it's the result of all his years of playing football taking their toll. It's hard for ZJ to see his dad start to change. Ultimately, Before the Ever After is a beautiful story filled with love, and shows how a child learns to hold onto memories to keep himself going. — Gretchen Schulz, Tween Librarian

When Stars Are Scattered (2020)

by Victoria Jamieson

This is a graphic novel about two brothers living at a Kenyan refugee camp, trying to create family in a difficult setting. At the camp, Omar looks out for his younger brother Hassan, who is nonverbal. When Omar has a chance to go to school, he thinks it could be good for both boys – but it means leaving his brother to fend for himself during the day. This story of love between brothers – and other refugees – is a must-read. — Gretchen Schulz, Tween Librarian

The Princess Bride (2001)

by Act III Communications

“As you wish...” is one of many memorable quotes from the classic movie The Princess Bride. This fairytale adventure is about a poor farm boy named Westley (Cary Elwes) who falls in love with Buttercup (Robin Wright). They must overcome many obstacles to be together such as pirates, a treacherous fire swamp, thieves, a villainous Prince Humperdinck and much more! If you enjoy the movie, you can read the book too! — Dina Ragano, Fiction, Movies & Music Department Coordinator

The Wedding Planner (2001)

by Columbia Pictures

Need a romantic comedy? Fall in love with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey in this charming movie with an interesting twist! Mary is the top wedding planner in San Francisco who makes the dreams of every bride come true, except her own. She breaks the cardinal rule and unknowingly falls in love with her client’s fiancé who saved her life the week before. How will Mary handle this tricky situation? Will she choose true love or her prosperous career? — Dina Ragano, Fiction, Movies & Music Department Coordinator

Love, Kurt : the Vonnegut Love Letters, 1941-1945 (2020)

by Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut’s letters to his future wife during WWII. A moving insight into their relationship during a difficult time. — John Ericson, Hoffman Estates Branch Manager