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As part of our 2022 Summer Challenge, we’re proud to welcome a new traveling exhibit from Betty Brinn Children’s Museum to our Central Library, May 20 – Sept. 12: Thomas Edison's Secret Lab™.

Based on the animated series of the same name and the work of Thomas Edison, this unique, enormous exhibit invites you to step into the lab and get inspired.

When visiting the exhibit, you and your family can create a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience through activities that highlight scientific inquiry, creativity and collaboration. You can:

  • Experiment with electricity, magnetism, optics, sound waves and air pressure.
  • Operate the classic six simple machines – the lever, inclined plane, pulley, screw, wedge, and wheel and axle.
  • Explore a giant interactive Periodic Table of Elements.
  • Investigate materials science and how we use natural and human-made substances.
  • Learn basic coding activities and computer science vocabulary.

Check out a preview of the exhibit with this short video:

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab™ was developed using national developmental standards for early learners and academic standards for school-age children and is especially engaging for children ages 2-12.

Exhibit Credits

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab™ Traveling Exhibit was created by the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in collaboration with Genius Brands International TM & © 2022 Genius Brands International, Inc. All rights reserved.