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In this review, we're focusing on our 2022-23 fiscal year — that's July 2022 through June 2023. This last year, we had occasions to look back and honor our past, and to look ahead and feel excited for our future.

Our Library turned 60 in 2022! From humble beginnings inside a small house, with items kept in every nook and cranny (including the bathtub!), our Library has grown not only in size, but in service to the community.

You can take a look at our full Year in Review, but here are a few successes we're particularly proud to highlight:

  • Just before our 2022-23 fiscal year ended, we were able to kick off a renovation on the second floor of our Central Library. This renovation will be completed in spring 2024 and we're excited for all it will bring to our community.
  • Your Schaumburg Library card no longer expires! You used to have to renew your card every few years, but no more. We now update our information using the National Change of Address database, so we can take care of this task for you.
  • We now subscribe to LanguageLine, a live translation service to help us serve our patrons in their native languages. This service, available at all public desks at all locations, gives us immediate access over the phone to translators for more than 200 languages, including the most spoken languages in our community, like Spanish, Polish, Gujarati, Urdu and Japanese.
  • Our programmers created 2,939 passive programs — that's 8 programs for every day that we're open! Staff also developed and hosted 447 programs off-site, including Pop-Up Libraries, storytimes at daycares, events at senior living facilities and more.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage throughout the year – both online and in person. We exist to serve our community and are truly grateful to have such wonderful people to serve.