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Monday, April 29, 2019
Central Library Conference Room
6:00 P.M.




Anita Forte-Scott, President; Gerald Bromley, Vice-President/Secretary; Theresa Seyring, Treasurer; Jillian Bernas; David Jonen; Julie Wroblewski Bosshart


Hannah Hyman


Monica Harris, Annie Miskewitch, Kathy Morgan, Lori Teipel, Beth Valenziano




Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart had no comments.

Trustee Bernas had no comments.

Vice-President Bromley had no comments.

Treasurer Seyring attended the dedication of the new Heritage Park and enjoyed the event. She commented on how close the new park is to our Central Library and encouraged the board to visit.

Trustee Jonen had no comments.

President Forte-Scott reminded board members that the upcoming May meeting will take place at the Central Library in the Workshop. This is to accommodate a larger crowd that’s anticipated for the officer swearing-in ceremony. Ms. Forte-Scott attended the swearing-in ceremony for the Hoffman Estates Trustees with many people mentioning to her their love of the Library.


Discussion of Circulation Renovation Project

Executive Director Harris reminded board members of details concerning the proposed Circulation remodel. She also noted the financial estimates were from a year ago when the initial proposal was created.

Discussion included future budget concerns of any Central Library second floor renovations, Capital Assessment recommendations, the increase to the minimum wage in the State of Illinois, and the overall effect of those costs in the upcoming years. Creation of new spaces for public use on the Central Library’s second floor to keep up with evolving uses of libraries was also discussed. Changes to the layout and new public services, including a possible maker space, a quiet reading room, or business center to keep up with similar libraries in the area was proposed.

Line items of the renovation proposal were reviewed. Upgrades to video surveillance with more video angles and the option of audio recording along with the video was discussed.

Trustee Bernas brought up her concern about the expense of the wood panel elements in the Circulation space remodel. Executive Director Harris explained it was an option created by the architects to connect the wood elements from the original construction to the new design. The board members also discussed changes to the current display spaces next to the stairs and elevator. The option to replace the windowed display with more face-out book shelving was well received. The idea of a donor, or award space, in place of the current display space between the elevator and the kidsZone was considered. 

The bathroom remodel was discussed, with agreement over the addition of entrance doors, extra lights or different design elements to brighten up the space, and discussion with the architects to ensure the design is even more ADA friendly than legally mandated. Self-check and the redesign of the Circulation workspace flow was discussed.

The architects will be contacted for the updated price points for the Circulation remodel proposal so the board can include it in the 2019/2020 budget.


Trustee Bernas moved and Trustee Jonen seconded that:

The special session adjourn at 8:02 p.m.

The motion passed unanimously.