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Monday, May 20, 2019
Central Library Workshop
7:00 P.M.




Anita Forte-Scott, President; Gerald Bromley, Vice-President/Secretary; Theresa Seyring, Treasurer; Hannah Hyman; David Jonen; Julie Wroblewski Bosshart; Jillian Bernas




Alisa Gandhi, Matthew Williams 


Bob Bernas, Pat Bernas, Allison Bosshart, Megan Bosshart, Sean Bosshart, Stephanie Driscoll, Doris Fox, Angel Garcia, Emily Gilbert, Justine Gilbert, Monica Harris, Annie Miskewitch, Kristin Moo, Kate Niehoff, Gary Seyring, Bobbi Sloan, Magan Szwarek, Lori Teipel, Mary Wroblewski, Vince Wroblewski, Lynn Zook


Lynn Zook, a Schaumburg resident, voiced her concerns about a decrease in adult programs she enjoys. Bobbi Sloan discussed her issue with another patron using electronic devices during library programs.


Vice-President Bromley was contacted about a formal gift of books in various Indian languages for the Library’s collection from the Counselor General of India. He will look into creating an event to acknowledge this donation. Executive Director Harris said she would coordinate. 

Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart thanked the board for the special April meeting about the proposed circulation remodel, which she felt was very helpful. She also thanked the library for the Teen Job Fair. Her daughter personally benefitted from this program with a new job.

Treasurer Seyring also voiced her thanks for the special board meeting and its helpfulness to her.

Trustee Hyman noted she won’t be able to attend the June meeting.

Trustee Bernas mentioned the Township of Schaumburg is interested in partnering with the Library again for a historical bus tour.

Trustee Jonen had no comments.

RAILS - Ms. Hyman

Ms. Hyman recommended a RAILS presentation discussing privacy in libraries concerning posts to social media.


Trustee Bernas moved and Vice-President Bromley seconded that:

The April 15, 2019 Regular Board Minutes be approved.

Discussion included content error on the third page and a clarification.

The motion passed unanimously. 

Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart moved and Trustee Bernas seconded that:

The April 29, 2019 Special Board Minutes be approved.

Discussion included name misspellings and inclusion of names of others present at the meeting.

The motion passed unanimously.


Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart moved and Trustee Jonen seconded that:

The Library Board approved the April 2019 Bill List.

Roll Call Vote:
Mr. Bromley            Yes
Mrs. Wroblewski Bosshart    Yes 
Mrs. Seyring            Yes    
Ms. Hyman            Yes 
Ms. Bernas            Yes
Mr. Jonen            Yes
Ms. Forte-Scott        Yes


There will be no Executive Session, and the Student Advisory Trustees asked to move their presentation ahead to accommodate their schedules concerning finals testing.


Alisa Gandhi detailed her plan to create a regular monthly mailing to the three high school libraries about relevant events at the Library. Ms. Gandhi mentioned she and Matthew Williams attended the College Acceptance & Financial Aid program. They found it very helpful and informative for the future. Mr. Williams noticed the SAT, ACT and AP test prep books have gotten a lot of use recently. He noted they are a great resource for the Library to provide.

Ms. Forte-Scott mentioned June will be the last meeting for Ms. Gandhi and Mr. Williams with their SAT term coming to an end and new applicants starting soon after.


Karen Yarbrough, County Clerk of Cook County, has certified the election results, and President Forte-Scott announced that Julie Wroblewski Bosshart, Theresa Seyring, and Jillian Bernas have been re-elected to serve on the Schaumburg Township District Library Board of Trustees.


Mrs. Wroblewski administered the Oath of Office to Julie Wroblewski Bosshart, Theresa Seyring, and Jillian Bernas.


The Nominating Committee moved that the following slate of officers be approved:

Gerald Bromley, President
Jillian Bernas, Vice-President/Secretary
Theresa Seyring, Treasurer

The motion passed unanimously.


President Forte-Scott thanked the board for their trust in her during her term as President. 


Executive Director Harris called special attention to new information regarding passive programs statistics. Passive programs are up this year over last year. Ms. Harris also explained the new leasing program that has gone into effect this year and how that will help reduce excessive copy purchasing of new and popular items. Ms. Bernas requested the possible creation of statistics regarding automatic renewal.

Ms. Harris reminded the board about the upcoming Budget Committee meetings. She also shared her excitement about the upcoming Summer Challenge partnering with the Backyard Experience, and the soft rollout of the Library’s online registration.


Deputy Director Miskewitch mentioned building improvements with painting of rusted exterior metal access panels. New pinwheel and face-out picture book shelving has been installed. Branch updates included upgrades to a more efficient tankless water heater at Hanover Park and installation of paper bill dispensers at print stations for branch locations. The IT team is replacing and updating all the phones in the buildings.

Ms. Miskewitch attended a very interesting discussion group with the Skokie Public Library and the Indian Trails Library District about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).


Digital Services – Kristin Moo 

Digital Services manager, Kristin Moo, highlighted how her small department of three staff members handles over 60,000 patron interactions each month between the website, online resources, and the catalog. Ms. Moo believes the website is the first impression for many patrons and that the website relaunch in 2017 was a starting point to constantly improve and better patron interaction with this platform. She praised Andrew Krause’s ability to create most website improvements in-house through his own coding skills and by utilizing Open Source resources.

Ms. Moo’s department has helped the Library continue to expand its electronic offerings to the public through the digital service Hoopla. Online fine payment was a service patrons requested and has been very successful. Online library card registration has increased recently after the soft rollout.

Ms. Moo talked about the extra EDI information she received at the Library Leadership in the Digital Age conference and how she can apply that knowledge here. Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart brought up the automatic renewal system not notifying patrons when an item isn’t automatically renewed when other items are renewed. Ms. Moo agreed to investigate a way to hopefully close this gap in the system.

Executive Director Harris brought to the board’s attention Ms. Moo’s team working to make the Library an innovative leading library across the country.

Summer Challenge Update – Stephanie Driscoll and Kate Niehoff

Ms. Driscoll explained how this year’s Summer Challenge will be a hands-on experience involving the art of Oscar-winning animator, Chuck Jones, who created many Looney Tunes characters. Ms. Driscoll explained all the interactive displays to be featured around the Library. The Commons will be covered with Looney Tunes character decals that offer photo opportunities and the Second Floor will have Chuck Jones’ artifacts and original artwork.

The Summer Challenge is unveiling new badges throughout the summer as an initiative to extend patron engagement this year. As part of our partnership with the Backyard Experience, they will help the Library create drawing and animation programs. Executive Director Harris is excited at the opportunity to expand public interaction within the Summer Challenge and library exhibits with Ms. Driscoll’s leadership.


Plan of Service – Gerald Bromley

Executive Director Harris shared quarterly progress through May 2019 for the library as it pertains to the Plan of Service. The Library continues to expand its Person in Charge training and volunteer programs for the Summer Challenge. Branding of a new Library vehicle has helped create more visibility for the Library in the community.

The Library’s Community Read team is choosing a title and creating programming partnerships. The Pop-Up Library is expanding the Library’s reach to the community through adding new stops while an increase of afternoon programming reaches senior citizens. The Library will also soon hire a high school intern to mentor about careers in the library field. 


Treasurer Seyring reviewed the financial reports, which included the mention of May being a three payroll month. Working cash remains about the same and property tax receipts have exceeded the Library’s budget projections. Books and materials are tracking below budget and administrative costs have also trended lower. Every department is below budget at this time. Investments continue to perform favorably with recent interest rate hikes. 

Executive Director Harris explained the lower staffing amounts and how timing circumstances have pushed these positons to being filled later in the year than anticipated.


Discussion included the upcoming Budget meetings and the agenda.


Review of Electronic Participation Policy

Full discussion of the Electronic Participation Policy will take place at the June meeting.

Approval of Professional Development Expenses of $1,717.30, and $1,888.00 for American Library Association Annual Conference in June 2019

Vice President Bromley moved and Trustee Jonen seconded that the Board approve the professional development expenses for American Library Association Annual Conference in the amount of $1,717.30 and $1,888.00.

Discussion included an explanation that the dollar amount is the approved dollar amount the staff member can spend at the most, but many times they don’t spend the entire amount.
Roll call vote: 
Mr. Bromley            Yes
Mrs. Wroblewski Bosshart    Yes 
Mrs. Seyring            Yes    
Ms. Hyman            Yes 
Ms. Bernas            Yes
Mr. Jonen            Yes
Ms. Forte-Scott        Yes

The motion passed unanimously. 


Trustee Bernas moved and Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart seconded that:

The Library Board adjourn regular session at 8:49 P.M.

The motion passed unanimously.