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Monday, February 17, 2020 

Central Library Conference Room 

7:00 p.m. 





Anita Forte-Scott, President; Jillian Bernas, Vice-President/Secretary; Erin Flannigan-Davies; David Jonen; Julie Wroblewski Bosshart 


Theresa Seyring, Treasurer; Hannah Hyman 


Alisa Gandhi, Araha Uday 


Amber Creger, Emily Gilbert, Justine Gilbert, Blake Kindl, Hollis Sienkiewicz, Bobbi Sloan, Magan Szwarek, Beth Valenziano 


Bobbi Sloan attended the Mrs. Lincoln in Love program, which was completely full, and complimented the Library for creating more afternoon programs for adults. 


Trustee Flannigan-Davies attended a Pachinko book discussion and enjoyed the enthusiastic discussion. She also attended the Hoffman Estates Chamber of Commerce Celebration of Excellence dinner where Library staff member Patti Smolin was awarded Volunteer of the Year. Ms. Flannigan-Davies introduced the idea of looking into a company that can review all vendor contracts for a cost savings analysis. Director Miskewitch mentioned that can now be down inhouse with the addition of Blake’s role. This will take time to continue to evaluate all of them, but will continue to be a priority to review.  

Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart has finished Pachinko and started reading the One Book, One Community selections for young readers. She shared a newspaper article about how libraries have become the most visited cultural attraction among Americans. She also mentioned the Library is listed on her tax bill as having debt, and she was unclear to which debt this referred. Finance Director Beth Valenziano will call the county to get more information as she consistently reports out in the same way each year. 

Vice-President Bernas was able to finish Pachinko but won’t be able to attend any of the author visits. She brought self-guided tour books created for the Schaumburg Historical Society Bus Tour for patron use. She complimented the video posted to the Library’s Facebook page featuring Ed Moy teaching how to use the Simple Scan machine. She also made the Board aware of a code of conduct issue at the Santa Monica Library. 

Trustee Jonen attended the State of the Village in Hanover Park where the Mayor thanked the Library for its contribution to the town. He complimented the Hanover Park Branch’s new shelving. 


No RAILS updates. 


Vice-President Bernas moved and Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart seconded that: 

The January 20, 2020, Regular Board Meeting Minutes be approved. 

Discussion included typos. 

The motion passed unanimously.  


Trustee Flannigan-Davies moved and Trustee Jonen seconded that: 

The Library Board approved the January 2020 Bill List. 

Discussion included the fee structure of the Kanopy streaming service, clarification of a legal service and the staff’s procedure for paying invoices. 

Roll Call Vote: 

Ms. Flannigan-DaviesYes 

Mrs. Wroblewski Bosshart Yes  

Ms. Bernas Yes  

Mr. Jonen Yes 

Ms. Forte-Scott Yes 


There will be no Executive Session. 


President Forte-Scott shared the appreciation card from Paula Bleatman’s family, acknowledging the donation and her presence at Paula’s wake on behalf of the Board. The Illinois Legislative Breakfast handout was shared, as well as an article from the Rotarian magazine about the give and take between a reader and a book. Ms. Forte-Scott also played the video created by RAILS featuring Nick Offerman in support of libraries. 


Executive Director Miskewitch thanked the management team for their continued help during her transition to the executive director role. Circulation has stayed steady with a modest increase over last year, and the door count has increased at all locations. The total number of registered borrowers for wi-fi and computer usage has increased by 50% in the last year. The Library was proudly awarded a Smithsonian Institute grant for an exhibit called The Bias Inside Us, which will arrive in May 2021. Last month the marketing department started a new initiative sending letters to households newly moved into the district, inviting them to get a Library card. Ms. Miskewitch believes it is a great outreach tool for residents who aren’t aware of all of the Library’s services.  

Ms. Miskewitch reminded the Board to visit the newly opened Thinking Money for Kids exhibit currently in kidsZone. The social media report was updated to better represent the marketing outreach through those platforms. Three Library staff members have been selected to serve on Complete Count Committees for Census 2020. The renovation has been communicated to patrons through the website, Guide and December e-newsletter. Patrons have begun to utilize the Workshop to eat while the café is closed, and this change has been well received. Thursday’s author visit with Min Jin Lee is sold-out. The staff is excited all of their work to promote this event has helped make it a success. 


Reference Services – Magan Szwarek 

Reference Services Director Magan Szwarek explained she manages reference, information, computer assistance and serials, which includes her department staffing the public information desks, leading technology classes and helping facilitate programs. She congratulated her department member Patti Smolin for being chosen Volunteer of the Year and is proud of how she represents the Library in the community. Since starting last year, the Veterans History Project with Genealogy Coordinator Tony Kierna has completed 10 interviews, and will continue with a World War II survivor being interviewed in the coming weeks. Ms. Szwarek spoke at the American Library Association Midwinter conference on the topic of audiobooks and their importance in library collections. 

Ms. Szwarek’s department has expanded the collection with new board games, digital equipment items and more wi-fi hotspots in the past year. She is looking forward to the Seed Library collaboration with the Programs and Outreach department, as well as expanding the Library of Things collection. The tables on the second floor will be replaced this coming year. She has been working with the local Census office to help recruit community members to work for the Census. Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart commented on how helpful the library staff is whenever she goes to the Reference Desk with a question.  


  Plan of Service 

Executive Director Miskewitch reviewed some key updates to Plan of Service action items. She noted a focus going forward will be to continue to evaluate and increase training for all staff. The summer Volunteer Squad is returning again with greater engagement for the volunteers, allowing them more creative control over their experience. The 2020 One Book, One Community has been a success with over 800 copies of the three book titles checked out to date. The Teen department has been working on their outreach to local high schools and has doubled their visits in the past year, reaching 134% more students. Our new Senior Services Coordinator has started memory care programs at local senior living facilities. To improve communication, Executive Director Miskewitch has created weekly emails to staff, along with regular renovation updates. A partnership with Spring Valley Nature Center has created the Seed Library.  

There is still another year on the Plan of Service, but Ms. Miskewitch would like to start a strategic planning process for the following year as the Library enters the budget season. Trustee Bernas asked for clarification about her role as head of the Plan of Service or Strategic Planning committee. 


Araha Uday volunteered at the Teen Job Fair held at the Library last weekend. She commented at least 150 teens attended with 10-15 businesses available. Students she knew were in attendance, leaving with applications and feeling excited about the job prospects. She worked with a teacher at her school to post photos of Library program flyers on social media. 

Alisa Gandhi was able to use BrainFuse for her physics class and found if very helpful, even sharing the story with friends. She has been working with Trustee Jonen to get BrainFuse available in the schools, especially for SAT test prep. Ms. Gandhi is excited about how the Volunteer Squad is growing to offer more expanded options to the volunteers. Ms. Uday is open to volunteering in the Squad again this summer. 


Finance Director Beth Valenziano gave the report in Treasurer Seyring’s absence. Ms. Valenziano said the balance in the General Fund decreased by about $1 million, which is normal for a month with two payrolls. The Working Cash Fund stayed steady, except for investments decreasing by about $6,000. There were no property tax revenues received in January, but $28,000 of replacement tax revenue were received. The Per Capita Grant revenue is expected at $158,000 this fiscal year, but is dependent on when the State of Illinois sends the money. Wages and benefits are below budget; the Library is down by about five positions. 

Ms. Valenziano mentioned utility bills are down thanks to newer negotiated contracts. Computer operation costs are down, but could be skewed by the timing of purchases. She believes software and hardware purchases are coming in the final quarter. The departmental variances are due to staffing and therefore the Library will be under budget in the personnel and departmental budgets. Investments are $120,000 over cost due to Treasuries and CDs. These are reflected in the Cash Flow.  




Discuss Budget Committee Meeting Dates 

The budget books will be available on Friday, May 15. With two Trustees missing this meeting, the Board is considering doing a survey to finalize meeting date options. Several options were suggested during the last week of May and the first week of June. 

Review of Bloodborne Pathogens Policy 

Executive Director Miskewitch recommended changing this from a public policy to a staff policy as it pertains to staff responsibilities in handling bodily fluids and other potentially infectious materials. 

Review of Updated Unattended or Unsupervised Children Policy 

The policy was updated to include a younger caregiver age requirement. This is in line with other libraries and State of Illinois statute. Discussion included mandatory reporting procedures for staff, particularly in the Youth Department. 

Review of Vulnerable Adults Policy 

No change was included in the policy, but an approval date will be added. Discussion included adding a time limit to the policy similar to the Unsupervised Children Policy, and creating a consistency in tenses and formatting. 


Approval of the Use of both Rasmussen rooms for Schaumburg Community Church on March 14, 2020 

Vice-President Bernas moved and Trustee Jonen seconded the approval of the use of both Rasmussen rooms for Schaumburg Community Church on March 14, 2020. 

Discussion included clarification of room usage, with the space needed for breakaway sessions and that the program will be open to the public. 

Roll Call Vote: 

Ms. Flannigan-Davies Yes 

Mrs. Wroblewski Bosshart Yes  

Ms. Bernas Yes  

Mr. Jonen Yes 

Ms. Forte-Scott Yes 

The motion passed unanimously.  


Approval of the Use of both Rasmussen rooms for School District 54-Partners on April 15, 2020, and May 20, 2020 

Trustee Flannigan-Davies moved and Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart seconded the approval of the use of both Rasmussen rooms for School District 54-Partners on April 15, 2020, and May 20, 2020.  

Discussion included clarification this is the end of the requests for this school year and there have been no issues with this group’s past requests. 

Roll Call Vote: 

Ms. Flannigan-Davies Yes 

Mrs. Wroblewski Bosshart Yes  

Ms. Bernas Yes  

Mr. Jonen Yes 

Ms. Forte-Scott Yes 

The motion passed unanimously.  


Approval of Professional Development Expenses of $1,253.49 for COABE Conference in April 2020 

Trustee Jonen moved and Trustee Flannigan-Davies seconded the approval of the professional development expenses of $1,253.49 for COABE Conference in April 2020. 

Roll Call Vote: 

Ms. Flannigan-DaviesYes 

Mrs. Wroblewski Bosshart Yes  

Ms. Bernas Yes  

Mr. Jonen Yes 

Ms. Forte-Scott Yes 

The motion passed unanimously.  



Trustee Wroblewski Bosshart moved and Vice-President Bernas seconded that: 

The Library Board adjourn at 8:35 P.M. 

The motion passed unanimously.