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Monday, September 21, 2020
Hybrid In-Person & Via Zoom
7:00 p.m.


Anita Forte-Scott, President; Julie Wroblewski Bosshart, Vice-President/Secretary; David Jonen, Treasurer; Jillian Bernas; Erin Flannigan-Davies; Hannah Hyman; Theresa Seyring



Victoria Akinde, Claudia Baranowski, Amber Creger, Emily Gilbert, Justine Gilbert, Jennifer Hunt, Blake Kindl, Lori Teipel, Annie Miskewitch, Kathy Morgan, Kate Niehoff, Jason Santos, Joanne Schultz, Kathy Schuessler, Hollis Sienkiewicz, Bobbi Sloan, Magan Szwarek, Gail Tobin, Beth Valenziano

Patron Bobbi Sloan thanked Executive Director Annie Miskewitch for giving her a personal tour of some of the renovated areas in the Central Library. 


Trustee Flannigan-Davies complimented President Forte-Scott for her handing of the current hybrid format for the board meetings. She also asked about the Library’s Interlibrary Loan service and if we are reimbursed by the state for the large amount of loans we provide. 
Trustee Hyman had no comments.
Trustee Bernas was able to see the newly finished circulation renovation at Central, and was happy to see everything come together after months of planning. She thanked Marketing Director Hollis Sienkiewicz for photographing her new headshot. She’s also looking forward to the upcoming premiere of the Schaumburg Township Virtual Historical Bus Tour.
Trustee Seyring attended the Illinois Legislative Luncheon meeting and shared some of the topics discussed including government consolidation within the county; funding the schools and teacher pensions; and suggestions for the state’s future fiscal response in recovering from the Covid crisis.
Treasurer Jonen had no comments.
Vice-President Wroblewski Bosshart also attended the virtual Illinois Legislative Luncheon; held a Personnel committee meeting with Executive Director Miskewitch; and was able to attend two virtual Library programs.
President Forte-Scott enjoyed the recent Facebook post sharing a photo of the Library Board breaking ground at the Central Library.

RAILS - Ms. Hyman

RAILS is asking for feedback from libraries that used 3-D printers to create face masks or face shields and shared information about their new Interlibrary Loan initiative, Find More Illinois.


Trustee Hyman moved and Vice-President Wroblewski Bosshart seconded that:
The August 24, 2020, Regular Board Meeting Minutes be approved.
Discussion included a duplicate name in those present at the meeting and a request for more detail reflecting the discussion of the 2020 Tentative Property Tax Levy. 
Trustee Hyman withdrew the motion to approve the August 24, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes and Vice-President Wroblewski Bosshart withdrew the second. 
The requested changes will be added to the minutes for approval at the October 19, 2020, Regular Board meeting.


Trustee Flannigan-Davies moved and Trustee Hyman seconded that:
The Library Board approve the August 2020 Bill List.
Discussion included a possible duplicate payment and detail of work performed on the HVAC system connected to two separate payments.
Roll Call Vote:
Mrs. Wroblewski Bosshart     Yes
Mr. Jonen                                Yes
Ms. Bernas                              Yes
Ms. Flannigan-Davies             Yes 
            Ms. Hyman                              Yes
Mrs. Seyring                            Yes 
Ms. Forte-Scott                        Yes
The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer Jonen explained the General Fund balance increased by $2.6 million due to revenues exceeding expenses. Property Tax funds received in August were close to $3.8 million, and were the vast majority of the month’s total Revenues.  Market values of the portfolio are still above cost, however, there have been fluctuations downward due to low interest rates and market volatility. No property tax receipts had yet been received to date in September, but some receipts are anticipated after the penalty free grace period extended by Cook County expires on September 30, 2020.
Mr. Jonen shared wages and benefits continue to show favorable variances mainly due to a reduction in Sunday hours and a hiring freeze. All departments show favorable variances when compared to the percentage of the year expired, with the exception of Community Services and IT. Market values investments decreased by $26,000 in August, bringing the market value in excess of cost at $49,000, that is offset by $35,000 in interest income received in August. Fluctuations in the portfolio are anticipated, given the current environment, but overall returns are stable. Interest rate increases are not expected to increase in the near future. Cash flows are projected out based on investment maturity and operating cash is higher than normal as investments are being evaluated.
Discussion included a question of why the financials show a loss of money on CDs. It was explained that the numbers are an estimated current value representing money lost if the CDs were cashed now. Investments are “Marked to Market” for reporting purposes. Losses on CDs will not occur if the investment is held until maturity. The current choice to invest larger amounts in Money Market accounts  was also questioned. Financial Director Elizabeth Valenziano explained that there are currently few higher yield options that would result in a net gain once management fees are considered.   In addition, these funds are collateralized. The current investment strategy of investing excess funds in the Money Market is a temporary solution until market volatility subsides and the long-term outlook can be better evaluated.  The Buildings and Equipment Special Reserve had a discrepancy between the budget and projected amounts that will be double checked.


There will be no Executive Session tonight.

President Forte-Scott commented the hybrid meetings will continue for several months, with the in-person portion taking place in the Rasmussen Room.


Executive Director Miskewitch welcomed Jennifer Hunt, the new Deputy Director. Ms. Hunt noted she has received a very warm welcome from staff, and shared her prior experience at Lincolnwood Public Library District. Ms. Miskewitch reviewed notable Library statistics, highlighting that online Library card sign-ups constitute 10% of total registrants for the month, showing patrons are taking advantage of online resources when possible. September is Library Card Sign-Up Month and the Library created a video encouraging community members to register for a card. She thanked Marketing Director Sienkiewicz for her help in creating and marketing this initiative.
Ms. Miskewitch shared the Library’s newest e-resource Scholastic Teachables has had over 2,300 documents downloaded by patrons since its launch. RB Digital and Overdrive have merged into one platform with all material soon to be available on Overdrive. The new organizational chart was updated to show Deputy Director Hunt’s direct reports.
Discussion included future plans for the drive-up window. Ms. Miskewitch explained the drive-up window will return when we sunset curbside services. Providing study space for students was suggested, possibly with reservations and time limits as safety precautions. Ms. Miskewitch noted the management team has started conversations about adding back this service.

Access Services – Victoria Akinde
Access Services Director Victoria Akinde gave an overview of her department’s services, staff, and duties. Her department processes and catalogues all new material. The Interlibrary Loan department works to process thousands of items by loaning over 46,000 items and borrowing over 20,000 in the last fiscal year. The Library is following safety guidelines by quarantining items before sending them to other libraries, with other libraries doing the same. 
Recent innovations in Access Services include an automated system for contactless withdrawals, adding extra Hot Spots for use during stay-at-home orders, and diverting 31 tons of books from landfills with recycling efforts. The Library of Things has original cataloguing from her department and expands the Library’s unique offerings to the public. 
Discussion included whether the Library would join the new RAILS ILL initiatives. It was researched, but the Library didn’t see the cost benefit of joining this new system. The new contactless withdrawals procedure was explained.

Student Advisor Trustee Committee
Trustee Seyring shared the committee met to discuss the multiple options they had for the Student Advisor Trustee (SAT) program. They suggested inviting Araha Uday to return as a SAT. Ms. Uday would be the sole SAT until later in the fall or in the beginning of 2021, before introducing another SAT who she would train. The committee plans to create a description of general duties and goals for future SATs. The committee wants to continue providing this valuable opportunity to any student in the community who might benefit from the experience.

Plan of Service Committee
Trustee Bernas reviewed updates to the Plan of Service, noting the installation of Pick-Up Lockers at the Central Library and that patrons will now have 24/7 access to materials they reserved. Ms. Bernas also noted regular policy reviews have started at Board meetings. Room by Emma Donoghue has been chosen as this year’s One Book, One Community adult selection, Stolen by Lucy Christopher as the teen selection, and The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate as the youth selection. All these titles deal with themes of isolation, resilience, and family ties.
Outreach to the community continues with senior outreach at Friendship Village. The Library responded to community needs by offering a program series on Families, Race & Racism and providing Town Square Concerts online. The Library has transitioned to a monthly digital guide to promote programs at this time. Executive Director Miskewitch continues a weekly update email to all staff. 
Discussion included how the committee wants to move forward with the Plan of Service since many goals are ongoing, deciding when goals have been accomplished, and if the current plan would continue on to 2023. A new Plan of Service could also be created for 2021 to 2023. The committee will think and revisit the discussion.



Approval of the Property Tax Levy Ordinance
Trustee Seyring moved and Treasurer Jonen seconded the approval of the Property Tax Levy Ordinance.
Roll Call Vote:
Mrs. Wroblewski Bosshart     Yes
Mr. Jonen                                Yes
Ms. Bernas                              Yes
Ms. Flannigan-Davies             Yes 
            Ms. Hyman                              Yes
Mrs. Seyring                            Yes 
Ms. Forte-Scott                        Yes
The motion passed unanimously. 


Trustee Bernas moved and Treasurer Jonen seconded that:

The Library Board adjourn regular session at 8:59 P.M.

Roll call vote: 
Mrs. Wroblewski Bosshart     Yes
Mr. Jonen                                Yes
Ms. Bernas                              Yes
Ms. Flannigan-Davies             Yes 
            Ms. Hyman                              Yes
Mrs. Seyring                            Yes 
Ms. Forte-Scott                        Yes
The motion passed unanimously.