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It’s our newest, contact-less pick-up method: Pick-Up Lockers

Pick-Up Lockers are located at all three Library locations and give you 24/7, contactless access to items you’ve requested. Just follow this simple 3-step process to use our Pick-Up Lockers, available now! 

Step 1: Place a hold 

Visit and log in to your account to place holds on items you’d like to borrow. Make sure you select "Lockers-Central" or the appropriate branch as the pick up location! Or, give us a call at (847) 985-4000 and our staff can place holds for you.   

Step 2: Wait to hear from us 

As soon as your items are available to pick-up from our Pick-Up Lockers, we’ll send you an email. (If you don’t have email, we’ll give you a call.) Please do not come to the Library until you receive this notification.  

Step 3: Come to the Library ... anytime! 

Come to the Library whenever it fits your schedule – your items will be kept in our secure Pick-Up Lockers, for up to 3 days, until you take them out. Pick-Up Lockers at the Central Library are near the west entrance. They're under the overhang to keep you out of the elements and we have a motion-activated light so you can see the area around you at night. 

How to Use Pick-Up Lockers

Watch a short video on using the Pick-Up Lockers or keep scrolling for step-by-step directions.

Pick-Up Lockers have a touch-screen (which we’ll sanitize regularly) to guide you through the checkout process. Here’s a quick look at how our Pick-Up Lockers work so you know what to expect when you arrive. 

  • Tap “Get started” 

  • Scan your Library card (or enter the number) and enter your PIN, then tap “Login” 

  • The screen will display the items available for you 

  • Tap “Accept” 

  • Your locker will open automatically 

  • Once you take your items out, please close the locker 

  • Tap “Print” if you’d like a receipt 

  • Tap “Finish” or simply walk away 

If you have more items available than will fit in one locker, after tapping “Accept” and taking your items from the open locker, tap “Next Locker” to see the additional items available. Tap “Accept” again to collect these items and continue the process until you no longer see “Next Locker.”

Please note that items borrowed through Interlibrary Loan and items from our Library of Things collection (such as board games, STEM kits and digital cameras) are not eligible for locker pick up.