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Teen Book Boxes

We're offering a special new service, just for teens (ages 12-19): Teen Book Boxes. Teens sign up and let us know their reading preferences. Then each month, we'll have a custom box ready for you, including a book we know you'll love and some other goodies, too.

Have an avid teen reader in your family? This would make a great gift that keeps giving as you can sign them up for a 3-month subscription. (Don't worry, the recipient can choose their own reading preferences so you don't have to guess for them.)

Take the Winter Challenge

This winter, our Challenge will help you explore your world. Whether from the comfort of your own home, out in nature or while visiting the Library, we're ready to help you discover all the wonders of the world we live in by reading and completing fun activities.

All ages love our Challenges because they're perfect to complete as a family. Work together on activities and make time to read together, too.