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We're celebrating Independence Day with patriotic books and movies! Here are some staff picks ahead of America's birthday.

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Red, White & Royal Blue (2019)

by Casey McQuiston

Set in 2016, the novel follows Henry, the Prince of England, and Alex, the first son, as they develop feelings for one another. A perfect queer romance to take to the beach this summer, just in time for the movie, releasing August 11th! — Rachel, Access Services

Out of Many, One : Portraits of America's Immigrants (2021)

by George W Bush

A wonderful collection of former president George W. Bush's portraits of American immigrants — includes interviews with each portrait sitter. Great for a quick glance or a more detailed read-through! — Rachel, Access Services

Independence Day (2000)

by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

This movie is a goofy, quotable, eminently rewatchable '90s delight. It features Will Smith as a fighter pilot and Jeff Goldblum as Jeff Goldblum vs alien invaders. President Bill Pullman gives a legendary Independence Day speech and Cousin Eddie shines as a former alien abductee crop duster pilot. — Beth, Access Services

Rolling Thunder (2017)

by Kate Messner

This book is absolutely perfect. The rich, lyrical writing describes the experience of a boy and his grandfather participating in the Memorial Day Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom in Washington, DC. The illustrations are at times soft and somber and others vibrant and energetic. This stunning book was both informative and moving. — Erin, Youth Services

Yankee Doodle Dandy (2003)

by Warner Bros. Pictures

This 1942 classic film depicts the life of the renowned musical composer, playwright, actor, dancer and singer George M. Cohan. James Cagney tap dances through this musical biopic! Released during WWII, his song "Over There" was known for boosting moral with its portrayal of American spirit. The musical performances are wonderful! — Janet, Fiction, Movies & Music

Captain America : the Ghost Army : an Original Graphic Novel (2023)

by Alan Gratz

This thrilling historical graphic novel set during WWII follows Captain America and Bucky Barnes as they face off against zombie soldiers. — Allison, Youth Services

Such a Quiet Place (2021)

by Megan Miranda

Looking for a summertime thriller that will keep you guessing? The tension in a close-knit neighborhood increases after a 4th of July party. Readers will continually ponder who can be trusted in this seemingly idyllic community. — Allison, Fiction, Movies & Music