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You have free, unlimited access to the Wall Street Journal website with your Schaumburg Library card! Here's how:

  1. Use the link on the Library's website (you can't just go straight to
  2. Enter your Library card number and PIN
  3. Create a account
  4. Read your news!

Here are a few other details to know:

  • Going through those steps creates a three-day subscription. When the subscription runs out, come back to the link on the Library's website to start a new one (you can sign in with the same WSJ account you created the first time).
  • Access is limited to Schaumburg cardholders only.
  • This does not include access to the WSJ app or WSJ+ content.
  • While we're on the topic, we have similar access to the New York Times, too!

You can get access through a few places on the Library's website, including the Movies, Music & Magazines page, as well as with the rest of the electronic resources we subscribe to under E-library and Research a Topic.