You’ve just started reading a great book when, ping! You get an email from your friends at the Library, letting you know that new thriller is now available for you.

Or, maybe, you’re out of town and, ping! The Library is letting you know the latest celebrity memoir you put on hold is ready to pick up.

Sound familiar?

Being able to borrow books, movies and more items from our Library is a wonderful thing. But sometimes, the items you want become available at inconvenient moments.

To help relieve some of this stress, you can choose to have your holds delivered later, when it’s more convenient for you. Here’s how:

  • Click Account in the upper right corner of our website
  • Log in with your Library card number and PIN
  • Click Holds
  • Check Select All or choose which holds to adjust
  • Click Suspend Holds
  • Then choose a date

We’ll press pause on delivering your holds until after this date. Once this date has passed, we’ll put you back where you were in line to receive the items you’ve reserved. (You can also call us at (847) 923-3190 and we can help you manage your holds.)

So, take your time enjoying that book and don’t worry about your holds while you’re on vacation – we can always deliver them to you later.