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In honor of National Barbie Day, dive into this collection of books that capture the spirit of the movie.

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Barbie (2023)

by Greta Gerwig

For those that loved the movie, the screenplay illuminates the unique balance between earnest and absurd that Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach managed to pull off. - Rachel, Access Services

One to Watch (2020)

by Kate Stayman-London

This book by screenwriter Stayman-London is all about redefining what real beauty is when its heroine, an overweight beauty expert and social media influencer, becomes the next star on a Bachelorette-type reality show. Incredibly fun in its sense of ridiculousness of the behind-the-scenes drama that takes place on a reality TV show set, this novel is also very serious in its examination of what true beauty is and how it can come it can come in many different sizes and shapes. - Jennifer, Fiction, Movies & Music

Better Than the Movies (2021)

by Lynn Painter

Better Than the Movies follows main character Liz as she finds out her childhood crush is back in town and that her crush is still lingering. Liz recruits the bad-boy-next-door, Wes, to help her win over the heart of that crush, Michael. When things do not go according to Liz's meticulous, rom-com-inspired plans, she is left with decisions that could lead to heartbreak and unmendable relationships. I laughed out loud, cheered, and questioned what was happening so many times in this book. - Abbey, Youth Services

Happy Place (2023)

by Emily Henry

After breaking up months ago, Harriet and Wyn still have yet to tell their friends and family. The best solution? Lie and fake their relationship until after the final big summer bash with their friends. This book is great for readers looking for an emotion-filled story about second chances, found family, misunderstandings and a hint of humor. The cover also definitely gives Barbie. :) - Abbey, Youth Services