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Celebrate Arab-American Heritage Month with this curated book list, showcasing diverse voices, cultures, and experiences from the Arab diaspora. Explore compelling narratives that illuminate the rich tapestry of Arab-American identity and history.

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From Here : a Memoir (2023)

by Luma Mufleh

This powerful, coming-of-age memoir is full of heartbreak and hope as readers learn the story of a young, queer, Muslim woman growing up in Amman, Jordan. Mufleh shares her story of uncovering and learning about who she is, navigating this discovery within her family, moving to the United States, and ultimately seeking political asylum. A truly moving memoir that intertwines international LGBTQ+ rights, self-growth and understanding, and politics. - Abbey, Youth Services

Squire (2022)

by Nadia Shammas

Squire is a beautiful graphic novel that exposes readers to clear social class divisions, intense war training, and expansive imperial coverage. Ornu teen Aiza begins her training to become a Squire and, hopefully, a Knight, a distinguished honor would grant Aiza citizenship (and heroism) into Bayt-Sajji, the empire that has colonized a majority of its surrounding territories. The story of Aiza’s journey is accompanied by a beautiful set of illustrations that use earthy tones as well as light and shadows to create depth and movement throughout each image. All of this helps immerse readers into the rich, detailed, and impressive world Alfageeh and Shammas have created. The inspiration for this fantasy world comes from Middle Eastern landscapes and is filled with beautifully elaborate architecture that is meticulous and complex. - Abbey, Youth Services

Huda F Are You (2021)

by Huda Fahmy

In the past, Huda has identified as the girl who wears hijab, but after moving to Dearborn, Michigan, as small town with a large Muslim population, Huda realizes that her hijab is not what defines her anymore. Through realistic and relatable descriptions, Huda shares what it was like for her to navigate which "group" she fit into best, feeling the pressures of family and peers the whole time. This story is relatable and hilarious. - Abbey, Youth Services

The Moor's Account (2014)

by Laila Lalami

This is an excellent historical fiction novel by a Moroccan American author about a fictional enslaved man on a real Spanish expedition that went missing in the Americas. - Mike, Circulation