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This winter, we’re looking forward to a renovation of portions of our first floor. Some of the changes we’re excited to see include:

  • Updated bathrooms: brighter facilities will look attractive but remain simple and functional
  • New area for holds: a larger, separate area will make it easier to find your held items
  • Updated checkout area, including self-checkout machines: staff will still be available to help you check out items, register for a Library card and more, and we’ll be adding three self-check stations, too
  • New entrance to Youth area: a bright, playful new entrance will allow kids to crawl in and experience new activities as they enter our Youth area
  • New food vending and designated area to eat: delicious and healthy options will be available to purchase, or sit in this cozy space to enjoy a meal you brought from home

You’ll also see new lighting, new finishes, new book displays and more. Something you won’t see (but is exciting for us!) is a new work area for staff, located behind the checkout desks, that will improve workflow for staff as they check in and sort materials.

Your comments and questions are welcome throughout this renovation project, Just send an email to @email.

Be sure to check this page throughout the renovation for updates on the project, including photos, special announcements and more.

Update: Feb. 3, 2020

We now have the approximate timeline for our renovation project:

  • Phase 1: March 23 – May 29, includes work on the restrooms and staff area behind the checkout desks.
  • Phase 2: June 1 – Aug. 6, includes work on the Youth area entrance, checkout area and other work in the lobby area.

To prepare for construction, you’ll see us start to move things around in early March. Most noticeably, the checkout desks will move east (towards The Commons) to make space for construction work happening in the staff area.

Please also know that we’re working hard to create a clean, comfortable space for you to enjoy food. This project is on a different timeline from the rest of the renovation and we’re looking to reopen this area as soon as we can. We’re currently investigating a variety vending solutions and we’re excited about the possibilities.

During construction on our restrooms, we ask that you please use the restrooms on the second floor. (These restrooms can be found near the northwest corner of the second floor, near the Rasmussen Room.) Patrons with mobility concerns may use the family restrooms in kidsZone.

We’ll work hard to limit any disruption to our services throughout this renovation. Please be patient with us as furniture may move and access to items may change temporarily.

Update: Jan. 9, 2020

We’re pleased to share some of the architect’s renderings for our renovation project with you. These images show various “before and after” views of the areas that will be updated in the renovation. Use the orange arrows to flip through the renderings. We’re excited about what we see here and know it will look beautiful in our building.

Update: Nov. 21, 2019

If you’re thinking, “Didn’t you just do construction on the first floor?,” you’re not wrong. We had a large renovation project on the first floor in the fall of 2016 to create Workshop and The Commons. This project changed the way we package and shelve our movies, music and video games, freeing up floor space to add more than 120 new seats. We've also refreshed our Fiction and Youth areas in recent years.

Due to the size of our Library, we split our renovation projects into phases to be sure we can continue to serve you while we work on improving various areas of our building. All of these projects are part of an architectural master plan for our building that looks to accommodate the changing ways you use our Library.

It's important to remember that our building is 22 years old now and we see about 1 million visitors each year. That's a lot of usage and general wear and tear on our well-loved Library! So updates like this are necessary to keep our Library in working order for you.

The major work of the renovation project is set to begin in mid-March and last approximately 4-6 months. We’ve once again partnered with Product Architecture + Design on this renovation – check out some of their work.

But before we kick that off, we're transforming the café into a new place where you can purchase food and also sit and enjoy food you've brought from home or another restaurant. Work is set to begin on this portion of the project in January.

So how are we funding this project? Through excellent financial stewardship, with the guidance of our Board of Trustees, we have accumulated reserve funds allowing us to complete renovation projects like this without any additional financial impact to you and our community.