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We’re excited to announce the launch of Curbside Pick-Up, available now at all three of our Library locations! We know you’re eager to get new Library materials into your hands and we’re glad we can offer a way to safely help you. Just follow this simple 3-step process to use Curbside Pick-Up. 

Step 1: Place a hold 
Visit and log in to your account to place holds on items you’d like to borrow. Or, give us a call at (847) 985-4000 and our staff can place holds for you. 

Step 2: Wait to hear from us 
As soon as your items are available to pick-up, we’ll send you an email. (If you don’t have email, we’ll give you a call.) Please do not come to the Library until you receive this notification. And please know that our processing time may be a bit slower than usual – you can read more about this in the FAQs below. 

Step 3: Come to the Library 
Come to the designated Curbside Pick-Up area at the Central Library, located near the west entrance. Once you arrive, text or call us following the directions posted on the signs to let us know you’re in the pick-up area. Please stay in your car and pop the trunk. Our staff will confirm your name and card number, then place your items in your trunk. 

Curbside Pick-Up Hours beginning Monday, July 6

Central Library
  • Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Sunday: Noon – 4 p.m.
Hanover Park & Hoffman Estates Branches
  • Monday – Thursday, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Friday – Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Sunday: closed


Frequently Asked Questions

While this part of the process is pretty simple, we know you have other questions, including how we’re ensuring your safety, along with the safety of our staff and items. Read through these FAQs to learn more about Curbside Pick-Up, returning items and more. Still have questions? Ask us here

How does Curbside Pick-Up work? 
After we notify you that your items are ready, head to the Library and follow signs to designated parking spots. Make sure you have your Library card ready! Text "check in" to the number listed on the sign and we'll respond with a few questions. Text your answers back and we'll bring your items right out to you! You don't even need to get out of your car.

I just got my items from Curbside Pick-Up. Hooray! When are they due back?
All regular due dates apply. You can log in to your account to see when items are due back, or give us a call at (847) 923-3160.

Can I renew my items?
Yes, up to four times for all eligible items as long as no one else a hold on it. In fact, we'll do it for you with our auto-renewal. You can review our borrowing guidelines to see which items are eligible.

Can I return items at Curbside Pick-Up? 
No. Please return all items to the drop boxes. At Central Library, it's located at the far north end of the parking lot. 

I have items that I checked out on March 13 or earlier. When are they due back? Will I be charged overdue fines? 
Items currently checked out are due back July 31. But please take your time returning these items – we’re now a fine free Library so you won’t be charged late fines. 

I returned an item several days ago, but it’s still showing on my account. Why is that? Will I be charged overdue fines? 
Once you return an item, it will remain on your account until it has been removed from quarantine, cleaned and checked back in. This process will take a minimum of 4 days, but up to 14 days. Don’t worry – you will not be charged late fines during this time. In fact, we’re now a fine free Library

I’m not sure what to read next. Can you help? 
Our librarians are happy to help you find what to read next! Email us, give us a call at (847) 923-3140 or try our Media Match for recommendations. 

How do I log in to my account? 
Visit and click Account in the top right corner. Enter your Library Card Number and PIN then click Login. (Your PIN is your birth month and year, so if you were born in March 1975, your PIN is 0375.) Now you can search the catalog and click Hold on items you’d like to reserve. 

I don’t have a car. Can I still use Curbside Pick-Up? 
Yes! Look for the orange pedestrian Curbside Pick-Up tent near the northwest corner of the building. Walk or ride your bike there, then text or call us following the directions posted on the signs to let us know you’re in the pick-up area. 

Schaumburg Library isn’t my home library, but my card is registered there. Can I use Curbside Pick-Up? 
Yes! You can follow the steps above to borrow items from our Library through Curbside Pick-Up. 

I placed a hold on an item a few days ago but still haven’t received notice that it’s available. Did my hold go through? 
Yes. Due to our quarantine process and revised staffing, it will take us longer than usual to process holds. Please be patient and know we’ll notify you as soon as your item is ready for pick-up. 

When I log in to my account, I see that I have an item ready for pick-up but I haven’t received notification yet. Should I come to the Library? 
No. As our team prepares your items to be picked up, you may notice activity like this on your account. Please wait until you receive an email or phone call from the Library before you come to pick up your items.  

Can I use the Drive-Up Window instead of Curbside Pick-Up? 
Unfortunately, no. Due to a scheduled renovation that’s currently in progress, our Drive-Up Window is not accessible at this time. We plan to reopen the Drive Up as soon as it’s safe to do so. 

I did some spring cleaning during the stay-at-home order and found books I no longer want. Can I donate them to the Library through Curbside Pick-Up? 
No. We are not accepting donated items at this time. Our priority is safely handling materials already in our collection. 

I’d like to get other items from the Library. Can I do that at Curbside Pick-Up? 
Yes. Some additional items will be available, such as tax forms, Summer Challenge Activity Books and program activity kits. Give us a call at (847) 985-4000 to request these items. We’ll notify you when the items are ready, then you can come to Curbside Pick-Up to get them. 

Is Interlibrary Loan available through Curbside Pick-Up? 
Unfortunately, Interlibrary Loan is not available at this time. We will share updates about when this service may resume as the information becomes available. 

How are you ensuring items are safe for checkout
All items returned to the Library will be quarantined for a minimum of 4 days in storage containers located outside of our building. The storage containers will be wiped down after one group of items is removed and before new items are placed inside. This system will minimize cross-contamination between items, and help keep our staff safe as they handle the items. 

Will Library staff be keeping themselves safe while at work? 
Yes. We’re taking a cautious approach with reopening any services so that we can ensure the safety of our staff, along with our patrons and items. All staff will be provided with masks and gloves to wear while at work. We’ve altered work schedules to minimize contact with others and to allow for social distancing. We also encourage regular and thorough hand washing and have hand sanitizer readily available. We’ve also notified staff that they are not to come to work if they are not feeling well or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.