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The Schaumburg Township District Library is committed to providing citizens and taxpayers access to applicable public records under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (“IFOIA” or “the Act”). IFOIA, as amended from time-to-time, is incorporated in this policy by reference. The intent of this policy is to clarify the requirements and to assist staff in compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the Act. The statutory provisions of the Act apply to all public records collected, assembled or maintained by the Library in the course of official business. Public records will be made available during normal business hours for inspection or copying. The Library assures that a written request for public records will receive a timely response within the statutorily required time-frame or within the Act’s permitted extension period to respond to requests. The Act allows the library to recoup production costs incurred by supplying the response.


In accordance with the Act the following information and the attachments to this policy shall be permanently displayed at each Library and made available to the public:

The Library is a library district supported primarily by local property taxes. The Library’s operating budget for FY21-22 is $16,218,548.90. Other funding sources include: property and personal property replacement taxes, Illinois State Per Capita Grant, investments, fines, fees and other state, federal, corporate, and private grants and donations. Tax levies are for:

  • General operating expenditures
  • Medicare
  • Social Security
  • Audit
  • Maintenance of the buildings and equipment
  • Tort liability (insurance premiums, worker’s compensation insurance, risk management, attorney’s fees and related expenses)

The Library has three locations: Central Library, 130 South Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL 60193; Hanover Park Branch, 1266 Irving Park Road, Hanover Park, IL 60133; Hoffman Estates Branch, 1550 Hassell Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169. The Administrative Office is located at the Central Library. The Library has approximately 250 full and part-time employees. The Library is a member of the Reaching Across Illinois Library Systems (RAILS), and other professional organizations such as the Illinois Library Association.

The Library is governed by an elected seven-member Board of Trustees. The library board meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month, unless rescheduled and notice given in accordance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.


Public records available to the public may be requested in the following manner:

  • All requests must be in written form, either in print or electronically.
  • Request form (attached) is available at the Administrative Office weekdays 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays and is downloadable below.
  • Request forms must be completed legibly.
  • The Act does not require the Library to create new public records that do not already exist within the Library’s possession and custody.
  • Requests must specify the records requested to be disclosed for inspection or to be copied. If any records are to be certified, they must be specified.
  • Legal counsel may be consulted to advise as to the proper response to the request.
  • The Library may not require the requester to specify the reason or purpose of the request “except to determine whether the records are requested for a commercial purpose or whether to grant a request for a fee waiver.”
  • Request is to be returned to: FOIA Officer, Administrative Offices, Schaumburg Township District Library, 130 South Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL 60193 or to @email.
  • Requests received after 3 p.m. will be dated as being received on the next consecutive business day.
  • Within five (5) business days (or 21 business days for commercial requests) of receipt of a written request in the Administrative Office, the Library will respond with information regarding: access to the public records, extension of response time under the Act, or the grant or denial of the request, in whole or in part, in writing.
  • The Library may extent the time to response to a request by an additional five (5) business days if: records are stored in whole or in part at other locations; the request requires the collection of a substantial number of records; the request is a categorical one and to be responsive requires an extensive search; the requested records are not located in a routine search and additional effort is necessary to locate them; the requested records require examination and evaluation as to exemptions or require appropriate deletions from them; the requested records cannot be provided within the time limit without unduly burdening the operations of the Library. The Library will, within the initial five (5) day period, notify the requester of the reason(s) and the date by which the public records will be available. In addition, the requester and Library may agree to a longer extension of time to respond to a request.
  • A request will be denied if the public records requested fall within one of the specific exemptions of the Act or in those situations where the public body does not have either a right of access or ownership of the public records or where the public body is prohibited from disclosing public records.
  • If only part of the request is denied, and access will be given to the remaining non-exempt portion of responsive public records. The Library’s written response to requests will explain the Library’s detailed factual basis for withholding exempt records or parts thereof.
  • If your FOIA request is denied, you may appeal the denial by either submitting a written request for review to the Illinois Public Access Counselor not later than sixty (60) days after the date of the final denial or you may seek judicial review under Section 11 of the Act.
  • Records may be inspected or copied. If inspected, a Library employee must be present throughout the inspection.
  • The maximum copying fees for requests of more than fifty (50) letter or legal size black and white pages is 15¢ per page, with no charge for the first 50 pages or for copies for a request of less than fifty (50) pages. If copies are non-standard size and/or in color, the Library will charge its actual cost for reproducing the records. Any and all fees will be consistent with applicable subsections of the Act.
  • The cost for certifying a record is $1.00.
  • For commercial FOIA requests, the Library may charge the requestor for the costs of any search for and review of public records or other personnel costs associated with reproducing public records.
  • For requests of a record maintained in electronic format, the Library will furnish the copy in the requested format if feasible. If not feasible, then the copy will be provided in the electronic format in which it is maintained, or in paper format, at the option of the requester. If a copy is provided in electronic format no fee will be charged beyond the actual cost of the recoding medium.
  • Records will be made available by appointment on weekdays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays, at the Central Library Administrative Office.
  • Certain types of public records maintained by the Library are exempt from inspection and copying. However, the following documents or categories of records are maintained and available for public viewing, and will be promptly disclosed upon request:
    • monthly financial statements
    • budget levy resolutions
    • operating budget
    • annual audits
    • minutes of the Library Board that have been approved and minutes of closed meetings that have been released
    • Library ordinances, resolutions and policies
    • annual reports to the Illinois State Library