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Vision Statement

A Bridge to Your Future

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing relevant information, books, media, technology and programs for all ages in a safe and friendly environment through the service of well trained staff.

Values Statement


We are passionate about service and treat all people with courtesy and respect, by:

• Providing timely and accurate information.

• Being responsive to user needs.

• Maintaining safe, comfortable, and appealing state-of-the art facilities.

• Being accessible to all and easy-to-use.

• Maintaining a convenient, 24-hour Virtual Library Branch of information, collections, and services.


We provide high quality resources, programs, and services to meet the needs of our Community through responsible financial stewardship.


We are committed to and connected to our Community. We open doors to learning, fun, curiosity, culture, economic development, and personal growth. We support the freedom to explore, hold, and express ideas and information.


We are a leader in our Community and libraries nationwide. We promote innovation and creativity and foster strong community partnerships.

Updated March 16, 2015