Study Room Policy

It is the policy of the Library Board of Trustees to supply Study Room space free of charge for uses which clearly and unequivocally conform to all policies approved by the Library Board of Trustees.

Availability and Use

Study Rooms are available on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of users.

The Library reserves the right to end any use of Study Rooms that disrupts Library users or staff or interferes with normal Library operations.

Failure to follow Library policies, rules and regulations will be grounds for suspension of Study Room privileges.

Attendance in Study Rooms may not exceed room capacity as posted.


The Library is not responsible for the content of meetings, programs or events held on the premises. The use of Study Rooms does not constitute Library endorsement of the philosophies, practices or viewpoints of participants or attendees. The following disclaimer must be included in all written, electronic and broadcast publicity materials about the use of Study Rooms:

The Schaumburg Township District Library provides Study Room space as a community service. The Library neither sponsors nor endorses this event nor the presenting individual(s) or organization(s).


Those using Study Rooms are subject to all Library policies, rules and regulations. Applicants agree to: abide by this Study Room Policy; conform to the use specified in its submitted request; and, assure participant and attendee compliance with Library policies, rules, and regulations.

Unlawful activity is grounds for suspension of Study Room privileges.

Applicants are responsible for Library property, materials, equipment and furnishings during the period of use of Study Rooms. The Library, its employees and Trustees do not assume responsibility for personal injury or damage or loss of individual property during the use of Study Rooms. Personal injury, damage or loss of individual property must be reported promptly to Library staff.

The Library retains the right to monitor all activities conducted on the premises to ensure compliance with Library regulations. Library staff must always have free access to Study Rooms.

Participants and attendees may not consume food or have uncovered beverages in Study Rooms.

Applicants must provide notice of cancellations to the Library and may not assign a reservation to other individuals or groups. The Library reserves the right to change or cancel Study Room reservations.

Study Room Policy approved by the Schaumburg Township District Library Board of Trustees on January 18, 2021.

Study Room Guidelines

Make reservations for these rooms by calling the Central Library (847) 923-3347, Hoffman Estates Branch (847) 885-3511 or Hanover Park Branch (630) 372-7800 or by requesting them online.

Room Availability

Central Library: 7 rooms suitable for 1-2 people, 7 rooms suitable for 1-4 people, 1 room suitable for 1-8 people

Hanover Park and Hoffman Estates Branches: 1 room suitable for 1-6 people


Study Rooms are available during normal library operating hours and must be vacated before the facility closes.


Reservations for Study Rooms may be made two weeks in advance. Any person or group may use a Study Room for a maximum of 2 hours per day. A reservation will be cancelled if a group does not show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.


Please respect the Library’s facilities. Signs and other decorations are not to be taped to walls or doors. Modification of electrical units as well as any substantial change to Library facilities is not allowed. Applicants are responsible for library property, materials, furnishings and equipment during the time of their reservations. Food and uncovered beverages are not allowed in the Study Rooms.

Cancellation of a Reservation

To cancel a reservation, contact the Library at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.


The Library supplies Study Room space as a community service. The library neither sponsors nor endorses the philosophies or practices of groups meeting in the rooms.

For availability and reservations of other Study Rooms, please call:

Teen: (847) 923-3240

Hanover Park Branch: (630) 372-7800

Hoffman Estates Branch: (847) 885-3511