The Schaumburg Township District Library provides free public access to the Internet in accordance with its mission to provide information of all types in a wide range of formats. The Internet Use Policy affirms the principles of intellectual freedom, equity of access, and confidentiality of information about library users and their use of electronic resources.

The Internet is a vast and unregulated information network. Provision of access does not mean or imply that the Library endorses or sanctions any content, commentary or view point found on the Internet. Some information available on the Internet is not accurate, current or complete.

Library users are encouraged to exercise critical judgment in evaluating the information they access and seek assistance from the Reference staff.

The Library:

  • Does not monitor and has no control over information on the Internet.
  • Assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from its connections to the Internet or an individual’s use of the Library’s Internet connections.
  • Makes no guarantees, either expressed or implied, with respect to the quality of the content of the information available on the Internet.
  • Cannot protect users from information and images that they may find offensive or disturbing.

Since Internet terminals are located in public areas that are shared by people of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities, Library users are asked to consider this when accessing potentially controversial, offensive or disturbing information and images. The Library reserves the right to require individuals to discontinue the display of information and images that disrupt the orderly operation of the Library.

Library users are prohibited from using the Library’s Internet connections to engage in any activities that are prohibited by law. The Library reserves the right to suspend an individual’s right to use the Library’s Internet connections for violating this Policy.

The Library uses filtering software on all public access computers. Filtering software cannot guarantee the appropriateness of sites on the Internet for any particular age group. Filtering software cannot guarantee that sites on the Internet having legitimate research or other value will not be blocked. Anyone age 17 or older who wishes to view a blocked site containing constitutionally protected material may request that staff unblock access and make the requested site available to view.

Parents or legal guardians, not Library staff, are solely responsible for deciding which Internet resources are appropriate for their own children. Internet access in the Children’s Library is limited to children 14 years of age and younger and their accompanying parents or caregivers. Children who use the Internet unsupervised may be exposed to inappropriate and disturbing information and images. The Library encourages parents to learn about the Internet so that they can teach their children how to use technology properly and make wise choices. It is the responsibility of parents to warn their children of the inherent dangers of disclosing or disseminating personally identifiable information, such as home addresses, telephone numbers, parents’ work addresses and telephone numbers, or the nature or location of the child’s school.

Library users are cautioned that the Internet is not a secure medium and all transactions, files, communications, and other information provided on the Internet may be vulnerable to unauthorized access and, therefore, should be considered public. Library users are solely responsible for protecting their personal information while using the Library’s Internet connections The Library will not release a library user’s Internet usage records except as required by law.

Approved by the Schaumburg Township District Library Board of Trustees on September 20, 2021.