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1.         Pursuant to the Illinois Public Library District Act, 75 ILCS 16/1-1 et seq., including 16/30-55.20, 16/30-55.40, and 75 ILCS 40-45, the following policy shall be adhered to in the purchase of any goods, services, work or improvement:

      1.1       Any purchase of goods, services, work or improvement, the cost of which is estimated not to exceed $5,000, shall be purchased at the best possible price from the providers.

      1.2       Any purchase of goods, services, work or improvement, the cost of which is estimated to be at least $5,000 but not to exceed $25,000, shall be based on at least three written quotes.

      1.3       Any purchase of goods, services, work or improvement, the cost of which is in excess of $25,000 except as specifically provided herein, shall be based on competitive bids, purchased from the lowest responsible bidder and after due notice inviting bids, as further set forth herein.

      1.4       Purchases for constructing a building, remodeling, repairing, or improving of an existing library building, erecting an addition to an existing library building, or purchasing the necessary equipment for the library shall follow the procedures set forth in 75 ILCS 16/40-45.

2.         Competitive bidding is subject to the following exceptions to the extent permitted by law, and the waiver of competitive bidding shall be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Board.  The above bidding procedures may be waived in the case of:

      2.1       A good faith emergency that requires immediate work or purchase of supplies, materials or services and is approved by three-fourths members of the board.

      2.2       When the nature of the work, improvement, good or service is such that it is available from only one source.

      2.3.      Contracts for professional or artistic services, including but not limited to attorneys, engineers, real estate appraisers, architects, or other professions.

      2.4.      Regular employment contracts.

      2.5.      When the work, improvement, good or service is received from another governmental agency or body.

3.         Advertisements for Bids.

      3.1       A notice inviting bids shall be published at least once in a newspaper with general circulation within the District fourteen (14) or more days prior to receiving the bids; however, construction contracts over $25,000 shall have thirty (30) days notice as provided by statute.  The District shall also post such notices on a public bulletin board located at the main library building and branches.  When deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees of the District, a bid deposit or performance bond may be required, and in the case of construction contracts over $25,000, security for the performance of bids shall be required as provided by statute.

      3.2       Advertisement for bids shall be in substantially the form attached hereto as “Annex A.”

4.         Award of Contract.  Contracts shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder on the basis of the responsive bid that is in the best interests of the District to accept.  In awarding the contract, in addition to price, the Board of Trustees shall consider regarding the bidder and the goods, services, work or improvement to be performed:

      4.1       Ability, capacity, and skill;

      4.2       Experience and ability in providing similar goods or services promptly, or within the time specified, without delay or interference;

      4.3       Character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience, and efficiency;

      4.4       Quality of previous performance;

      4.5       Previous and existing compliance with laws and ordinances relating to the contract or service;

      4.6       Sufficiency of the financial resources and ability;

      4.7       Quality, availability, and adaptability to the particular use required;

      4.8       Ability to provide future maintenance and services for the use of the subject of the contract;

      4.9       The number and scope of conditions attached to the bid.

      4.10     Default on the payment of taxes, licenses, or other money due the District, Cook County, a municipality wholly or partially within the District, or the State of Illinois.

      4.11     Compliance with federal, state and municipal requirements.

5.         Cooperative Purchasing.  The District shall have the authority to join with other units of local government in cooperative purchasing plans when the best interests of the District would be served thereby.  The District may also participate in the Illinois Joint Purchasing Program pursuant to 30 ILCS 525/0.01 et seq.

6.         This policy shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval according to law, and should any part of this policy be adjudged invalid or unconstitutional, such adjudication shall affect only that part of this policy specifically covered thereby, and shall not affect any other provisions or parts of this policy, but shall be severable therefrom.

Approved by the Schaumburg Township District Library Board of Trustees on December 17, 2018.