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You can find information about how to give to the Library on our Donations page.

Gift Policy

The Schaumburg Township District Library welcomes and encourages monetary gifts, bequests, endowments and gifts of property or materials from individuals, groups, foundations, or corporations. The Library accepts such gifts under the following conditions:

Tangible Gifts

Print, audio visual and electronic materials will be evaluated using guidelines set forth in the Materials Selection Policy. The Library reserves the right to add any donated item(s) to the collection or distribute, sell, or discard them. No conditions regarding location, use or eventual withdrawal from the collection or building can be imposed.

The decision to accept gifts such as furnishings, artwork, or equipment shall be made by the Library Director. Among the criteria on which the decision will be based are: need, space, impact on staff time, security requirements and expense and frequency of maintenance. Such gifts will be accepted only on condition that they may be used, sold, given away or discarded at the discretion of the Library Director.

The acceptance of gifts for inclusion in Library collections or for public display on Library premises shall be considered with attention to location and suitability. All gifts become the sole property of the Schaumburg Township District Library to use or dispose of. No guarantee is made that any gift will be permanently displayed or kept by the Library.

The Library cannot assess or suggest a value for non-monetary gifts for income tax or other purposes. Letters of acknowledgment will not contain a statement of value.

The Library reserves the right to refuse any tangible gift.

Monetary Gifts

Gifts of cash, securities and bequests that support the mission of the Library will be handled by the Library Director who will work out terms of acceptance that are compatible with Library policies, the donor’s intent, and applicable law. The Library welcomes major gifts including those directed towards a renovation, expansion or other large project.

The Library accepts donations of money for the purchase of material in memory or honor of community residents or others. Library staff will use guidelines set forth in the Materials Selection Policy in determining which materials to purchase. Although the Library cannot guarantee the purchase of specifically identified titles, donors may suggest subject areas for the use of their donation. A bookplate may be affixed to such material with wording determined by the donor in consultation with Library staff.

Monetary gifts without restriction are added to the Library’s General Fund to be used for the purchase of materials, equipment or programs.

The Library welcomes monetary gifts to be used as a restricted gift or endowment fund. Such funds require a minimum donation of $25,000 and will be accepted on condition that if a specific use is requested, that it is consistent with the mission, goals, and objectives of the Library, and must be approved by the Library Board.

The Library Board may remove all restrictions from a gift fund when, as a result of any restriction, there has been no expenditure from the fund for at least two years and the Board determines that the restrictions do not reasonably provide a benefit for the Library.

The Library reserves the right to refuse any monetary gift.

Approved by the Schaumburg Township District Library on Dec. 21, 2009