Unattended Children

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children in the Library, whether or not the parents or guardians are in attendance.

Schaumburg Township District Library encourages parents to consider the safety and well-being of their children and the needs of other Library users of all ages. Children ages 8 and over are free to use the Library’s facilities and resources, provided that their behavior conforms to the Code of Conduct and does not disrupt other Library users or staff members. Children under age 8 must be attended and supervised by a parent or a caregiver age 14 years or older at all times while on Library premises.

The Library welcomes the use of its facilities and services by children. Library staff members are committed to the well-being and safety of children, and are happy to help children use the Library. Any public place may be dangerous for a child who is left unattended and unsupervised by a parent or caregiver. It is impossible for Library staff to guarantee a safe environment. Library facilities are not licensed or designed to provide basic child care needs such as adult supervision, nutrition or emergency care.

Parents and caregivers must control and prevent behavior that disrupts or interferes with the normal operation of the Library or disturbs Library users or staff.

If at any time a child under age 8 is unattended and/or unsupervised the following will occur:

  • The parent or caregiver will be paged in order to determine if they are in the Library. If the parent or caregiver is in the Library, they will be directed to stay with and supervise the child.
  • If it is determined that the child is in the Library without a parent or a caregiver age 14 years or older, a staff member will call the parent or guardian and request that they pick up the child. If the parent or guardian cannot be reached within 30 minutes or does not respond within 30 minutes, the police will be asked to assume responsibility.
  • Anyone not complying with this Unattended Children Policy will first be warned by Library staff and will be advised of the next course of action to be taken by the Library should noncompliance continue.

Library staff may notify the appropriate authorities if they have reason to suspect abuse or neglect.

When visiting the Library without an adult, children ages 8 and older should have definite arrangements to be picked up at closing time or in emergencies. If a minor child is left unattended at closing, staff will first call a parent or guardian. If the parent or guardian cannot be reached or does not arrive within 30 minutes, the police will be asked to assume responsibility. Two Library staff members will stay with the child inside the Library until the parent or the police arrive.

Approved by the Schaumburg Township District Library Board of Trustees, March 9, 2020.